What is an Official Community Plan?

    An OCP is a policy document that helps to shape the future of the community. It provides an overarching vision and framework to guide land use decisions for the next 15-20 years. An OCP sets priorities and provides direction on topics such as: land use and growth areas, housing, servicing (water and sewer), hazard avoidance, and protection of the environment.

    Why are we updating the plan now?

    The existing OCP was adopted in 2000 and has influenced the local land use for over 20 years. The vision of the OCP has largely been realized and it is time to plan for the next 20 years.

    How is the OCP related to the Harrison Mills Neighbourhood Plan?

    The Area C OCP and the Neighbourhood Plan have different geographic scales. 

    The OCP is an over-arching, umbrella like plan, while the Neighborhood Plan applies to a smaller neighbourhood scale within the OCP Area. The neighbourhood plan can consider polices such as land use, servicing, and green space in a more detailed manner than the more generalized OCP. When both plans are complete, the neighbourhood plan will be an appendix to the Area C OCP.

    There are multiple public meetings. Which one should I attend?

    You may have interests in knowing more about the overarching OCP, the Harrison Mills Neighbourhood Plan, or a specific proposed development. You are welcome to attend any meeting that interests you.

    If you can’t attend a public meeting or wish to prioritize your involvement, background materials and meeting summaries will be uploaded to the project pages. FVRD staff are also available to discuss the projects.

    Does the OCP apply to First Nation Land?

    OCP polices do not apply to First Nation reserves. The OCP applies to land surrounding First Nations reserves, however, we have shared interests in planning for the future. FVRD will be seeking opportunities to work collaboratively with Sts’ailes, Sq’éwlets, and Leq’á:mel as well as other communities with interests in the plan area.