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where are the ranchers in abbotsford?

we currently are in our early 60's and live in a very large 3 story home on a very large city lot. it had served us well while our children were young. we have been looking for a rancher or single family home - not in a strata - for at least 5 years. chilliwack is full of the right type of homes, but our grown children live here and our home is abbotsford. stratas have many appropriate homes, but the roads are so narrow that i question the safety of an ambulance or fire truck navigating it's way to the front door. and the rules are based on the whims of the strata council (no bird feeders, can't paint your front door, etc. ). why can't council allow slightly narrow roads (not to the extremes of stratas) and have more ranchers built. there is a whole generation of people that would snap those up in a heartbeat.
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