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Retiree Heaven

After living in Port Coquitlam for over 30 years, my husband and I decided to move into a single level home. We were retired and were tired of up and own stairs, inside and out. During many travels through the Fraser Valley and the Okanagan, we decided Chilliwack was someplace we would like to live in. The qualifications were:

lots of single level homes, NOT ANYMORE.

close to the freeway for travel to the interior and the U.S.

near an airport and Costco - in Abbotsford.

a decent number of grocery stores, drug stores, clothing stores, etc.

and last but not least, weather. The weather is great here.

The downside is that everytime we need something it seems we have to go to Abbotsford to get it. The TRAFFIC has become ridiculous. We need more roads in and out of this place. We would love to see a passenger train connect us to other areas. NOT SKYTRAIN.

Businesses have declined, more homeless people have come or been dumped here, the hospital is too small with the growing number of people not to mention a lack of doctors in all classifications.

There is a lack of space to expand due to ALR restrictions, and rightly so. We need to keep all our farm lands, but let them diversify so farmers can stay. Let them do events, have B & B's, or restaurants and wineries on sight.

Let's build up, not out. We already have lovely parks, lakes, and a river.

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