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Less traffic

by Amanda,
We Moved from Langley out to mission because we were looking for property. We found 5 acres eight years ago at a price we could afford, and a house we could rely on as an investment 30 years down the road. Part of our retirement plan.

While that was one factor, we were also looking for less traffic. Langley’s traffic problem even in the late 90s was horrendous and while there are some improvements it is still bad. While my commute has gotten better (I now work and live in mission) my partners is worse it was 35 minutes and is now 50 minutes each way to work. More industry will need to come to Mission/Abbotsford in order to improve his commute and employment opportunities.

we chose to move to mission for affordability, traffic, privacy. The schools in mission have a bad reputation I’m hoping that the high school will be okay as my oldest starts soon the elementary schools and middle schools have been great. I hope a new high school is built in the near future and good planning will result in a new high school in the silverdale development before Mission secondary is busting at the seams.

At the time we had to remain in the Fraser Valley due to family obligations. But mission was attractive because it has better air quality than Chilliwack, lower housing costs than Abbotsford and Langley. We knew it was a growing community and it would not have all the services that we would want but it was a sacrifice we were willing to make. I would like more playgrounds, established walking hiking trails, more community programs and safer multi-use roadways.

I love the mountains and the forests of mission! whatever development plans for silverdale there should be large swathes of greenways and forest left in tact that is managed by our indigenous community partnerships. For both economic and environmental sustainability. Silverdale needs a long term plan that has both high density, and low density that reflects the needs of the environment and the community. For the low density lower property taxes for those who maintain forests and wooded areas. Rather than cleared land.

We need to plan for city development long term traffic/busses/trams/ trains or other transit methods. Multiple community hubs that make walking distance an option for daily shoppers. Currently 98% of the residents of mission need to rely on a vehicle/taxi or bus to do their shopping.

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