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Grew up here, Raising family here

by DJS,
I remember when the Chilliwack mall was built, and the Sheffield plaza was a corn field. This town has changed so much since those days you wouldn’t recognize it now. I used to think, when I was a kid, that Chilliwack was a hole! But then I travelled the world a bit and realized we are truly spoiled to live here. My kids are attending my old high school, and my old school friends are their teachers! Chilliwack is a big town now, but we still have small town ties that keep our communities together. I know we can’t keep this place to ourselves, and thanks to the marvels of social media our little “hole” has been discovered. It seems there are so many people flocking to live here, how on earth can we have bidding wars on houses in Chilliwack??? Anyway the main concern I have for the future is public safety. People don’t realize that if you live on the south side of the freeway and your house is on fire, only 2 firefighters can show up. That’s a fact. We rely way too heavily on our auxiliaries, it’s not fair to them, and it’s not safe for us. Promontory needs its own full time fire hall, and we need a full truck in Sardis, Yarrow, not to mention a full time crew in Rosedale.

I know I know, fire fighters are expensive. And nobody wants to pay more property tax right? But think about all these new homes being built, all these new dwellings, each one is paying property tax. So believe me the money is there. I’d be willing to shave off some of the parks and Rec budget too if it meant I had a full truck show up to my property fire. Just sayin.

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